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will be removing ac box
What can you say about a smog car. It's just that. a Z28 Joke. Right tire has a slipped belt in her. Exhaust is shot. oil leaks, runs like crap. did a compress check on her. clys run from 60 psi to a 110 psi. well that's why she runs like crap. EGR intake not working, Smog carb. And the wiring on this car is the big joke. Light cord for starting wiring.
Song fits this ride. Somthing is burnning!

Here are some pixs of this poor car. looks nice but Its Junk. Owner is doing right. Fix drive line, then fix her looks later.
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Here are some engine removal pix's. Got that sloppy pig out!
this is beat to death.  Never use a jack handle to ajust things.looks like shit.Cruise is a gonerheres the slow pig pulled.egr jokeheres her engine code. yes a smog moter.
Friend of mine help this customer in ordering a new engine for him. was in my shop before I knew it.
Pick-up and in back of the truck. New 350
Hell "YES!"
I'm a member!
I make shit go fast!
Well it's Friday and it's dj time, so nothing can be done today till gig is over.
Once I get in I will start prepping the engine for Install.
Picked up all the parts needed to do the install.
But I've got a lot of wiring to look over and test to see if its ever worth trying to save. If not oh well. I guess I will need to make all the parts needed myself that will make this job go smoother.
I don't want it going down the road with smoke not coming off the tires you know. More pixs and up-dates later. Peace Out everyone.
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Had a screwy work day on this Z today. I'm wondered why this engine was so weak for a 350. pulled it apart and inspected it. found that rings are worn, cylinders need boarded. Someone installed a new cam and lifters, but got a very cheap timing chain. its very stretched. And found junk yard markings on her. That explained most on this cars problems. Cleaned and blasted her engine area. man did I find a mess. Yes this car was a re fit. Right side of this car must of hit very hard. you'll see torch marks and other welds that should not be there, but are. trying to remove inner wheel well to remove ac box and install a new one. nothing is fitting like it should. And the wiring for this car is a flippen mess. Light cores, speaker wire. Etc. Its a joke!
When you have no more room. use this!
Ready for pick-upJust about ready.Junk Yard makings on flywheel and engine.Timing chain is a slaperSomeone took a hammer and beat these things to fit.With this intake, these cheap vale covers wont fit flat.This is the starter wiring. New speed O cable to replace the cruise cable.this is part of the old wiring. going to have to remake.Power pump is beat to hell.Power washed the frame. found alot of problems.Here you will see the torch marks from a frame pulling out.
Yes it was a crashed car at one point.engine is still sitting here waiting on customer to pick up.just a mess.lot of rust to treat.engine pads look fair.old ac box is out.ac lookThe new style box removes the ac.
the old ac parts.

Well its coming alone slowly. Each time I touch something to install. something brakes that's not good. Engine was installed on Sunday night. New A/C delete box was installed, Top part of the sub frame was cleaned up, and painted with chaise black.

Cruise was removed, old cables removed, Still have to remove part of the dash to install the new speed "O" cable.

I'm trying so hard to keep costs down for this customer, but very hard to. Pricing and all older parts has been going up.
Looking this car over and found that this car when he got her, never had heat. Well it will when I'm done re-doing the wiring. It's quite the mess I may add.

I cant wait to hear this this one. Exhaust shop called and are ready for install, told them its going to be at least 2 more weeks before even thinking of getting it to them. This poor car is a flipen mess.

Here are more pix's of the work that's been going on. Just click on pix's to make bigger. then scroll to each one.

Talked with the customer today, found out that the guy whom worked on his car really put the screws to him. At least here with us we do the work that's need at fair pricing. If anyone gets raped, its all ways at times. When we see it coming. The other guy installed one set of door hinging repair kit that cost about $9.00 and sold him a pair of rusty vale covers for a $100.00 and he left out of there about $1200.00 less.
WOW that Son of a B*&^h! these are the guy's who guy's like me a bad name! My work is solid and honest. Like I all ways say. Like my work? Tell a friend! You don't like my work tell me. we will all ways try to work to make you happy with in reason.

Old tork still in there.Looks good.New/Used Stall installed with new pump seal..All torked and locked in.Ready for install.SHE IN!As you can see. Its a Big Joke!Mian power grounded out to other lead. JOKERS!A 2nd look of the joke.
Parts came in on Saturday, fan, spacer, Etc. With this new engine, it don't have the same holes for mounting the Power steering pump, and Alt. The old pump on the car is the wrong one for this car. So I ordered a new one from the parts store. All stopped till it comes in on Monday.
repairing starter wiring.New Vale covers came in.Clampless clamps. Here is the pump cace. its is a mess. 
Will try to make look new.
Lot of hammer work.
Well it's been a very long day. Installed Rad, All the billit parts I got for this car had to be removed. That refused to work with me on shipping me the right parts that were needed to make it right. There will be no charge to customer for these useless parts I got from EBay. I will get my money back from EBay. I hope.

Today I finished up the crappy wiring on this car. That took 2 days to fix. Installed Rad, shroud, PS pump, ALT. Adjust all belts, re install hose's and trans lines. Install and cleaned up all plugs. YES ED. There torxed to 18 lbs. this time.

Cut to size and installed plug wire's. Make hot and cold for choke system. Had to buy a new Neg Bat. line. old one was 6 inch's to short. Got the right size. Re built the old Dis. Checked it all out, and tested mod. system. Install a new wire for water temp. It was cut off by someone. Install a new wire for oil Gage. Tomorrow I will need to get the right sensor. The one on it is for a light system. WRONG!

Made a new fuel line from pump to carb. Tape up all wires. Installed a main power line from Bat. to Starter and Alt. Install new vac port for tras. shift. Checked all bell housing bolts before installing Dis. Removed all old Cruise parts from car. Repair wires under dash. time engine for 8 deg BDC.

Installed starter, re install torxs converter, Install Dust cover. Installed new Alt. Installed oil & filter and pre lube before starting. Filled block and rad with new 50/50. Now Fire engine. runs nicely. Cut down air filter & install.  Close hood and call it a night.

Here are some of the last pixs of this job. calling Exhaust shop in morning to get her towed in.
Once it comes back I will finish up the heating system and install new vac lines in and out of car so heat doors will operate.
This is whats needed to install or remove.
the 2 plugs in the back on left side.

Got some good news, got some bad.
Car is coming alone nicely. But each time something is fixed. Something else brakes! Starting to burn my gaskets up.

This car has been really something to build. but were all most done and it sounds good.
here's the Bad news. The heartier core is bad, the oil gage that someone installed is bad, She needs tires like yesterday, And the wores part is.
Its going to have to farmed out for the heater core. I cant pull the dash out of this. so got to make some phone calls to Thomas Rad and see when I can get her in. Its leaking Coolant in side the car and carpets are getting wet. That will rot out the new carpet in her. No good.
Here is some pixs and vids for you to check out.

Here is the vid.

Well it's the day of rest. But got well over to much work to do, Customer came out with his loven wife. Let them take the car out down the road, came back with smiles on there faces. Awesome. that's what is about. explained and show them what other problems that with the car, but some of them can be fixed at a later date.

Well I called Thomas Rad for a qoute, They want $400.00 to do in heater core in this car. No flippen way. then they told me the dash had to be pulled and the wheel well. Holly Molly. No wonder it pays over 5 hrs. in labor.
I guess it's going to kill me and I will pay dearly for it. But I will do it at a much better cost. Hell the core is less then $40.00 Bucks. So I'm doing it. Ive been working on it all day. and to add more problems. I smell a fuel leak. CRAP! Now what? Will get back to you on that. Here are some pixs of the hell Im going threw to save this customer some cash.
Old Core. You can see its been 
leacking for so time.
New core.
Theres the leak.dash pulledits a job and a mess.
All the engine wiring is completed finally.
And I found the fuel leak. It was only a fitting thank goodness.
I'm repairing the gages and re-set mileage for the new engine. and I see they used a tooth pick as a speed "O" needle. WOW that's a real red neck set-up.

Here are the last pixs of her.
She's ready to FLY!!!!!!
9/18/2013 to 10/17/2013
BEFORE                                                  AFTER
There are more pix's at the end of this page.
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